Furniture Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

A modern office is one which reverberates with creative energy & a sense of collaboration. From conference rooms to hot-desks, to executive cabins & open plan work areas – these are the spaces where big ideas are born and deals are closed.

SOMA is designed for the modern office. A range of cutting-edge systems furniture for businesses seeking modern workstations and allied furniture for their commercial/office spaces, SOMA offers systems that create the ideal work environment – one of comfort, sophistication&freedom.

SOMA is simple. Simple to specify, simple to install, simple to maintain & reconfigure. The modern-day office needs to overcome a number of inherent challenges such as rising real estate costs, multi-generational workforces and new styles of working. Consequently, systems in the range have been designed to create complete office landscapes that can adapt to change. The systems are available in numerous finish options, sizes & configuration to achieve a cohesive, professionally designed look throughout the office space.

SOMA is Indian. It is a proven fact that not only does comfort play a vital role in contributing to health & wellness in the workplace of today's diverse population, comfort also enhances productivity at work. This is why the range is designed specifically to cater to Indian ergonomic & anthropometric needs.

Store IT

Store IT is a range of highly durable storage systems that can weather the constant process of shifting and shuffling within your growing office space. The storages come in various combinations of three basic systems – drawer based, hinged shutter based and sliding shutter based – to offer you maximum space utility in a minimum footprint.


Pre laminated MDF (Medium Density Fibre board)

Pre laminated Particle Board

Mild Steel



Powder coating

Chrome plating